BY – LAWS (3/10/2018)



1         Annual Subscriptions. 4

1.1      Affiliated Clubs. 4

2         Officers and their duties. 4

2.1      Public Officer (required by legislation) 4

2.2      The President/Chairperson. 4

2.3      Vice Presidents. 4

2.4      The Treasurer 5

2.5      The Secretary. 5

2.6      The Registrar/ Assistant Secretary. 5

2.7      The Zone Councilor 5

2.8      The Publicity Officer 5

  1. Chairpersons of the following Sub Committees. 6
  2. Duties & Responsibilities of Permanent Sub-Committees. 6

(a)       Executive Committee. 6

(b)       Greens. 6

(c)       Match. 7

(d1)    Selection. 8

(d2)    Selection (Team Manager) 8

(e)       Umpires. 9

(f)       Junior 9

(g)       Coaching. 10

  1. Drugs in sport 10
  2. Child Protection. 10
  3. Transfer Procedure from Club to Club. 10
  4. Subsidies. 11
  5. Entry fees. 11
  6. Zone Officials Expenses. 11
  7. Gambling on Lawn Bowls. 11
  8. Sport Rage. 12
  9. Extra Zone Events. 12
  10. Tournaments. 12
  11. Pennants. 12
  12. Pennant By-Laws. 12
  13. Sponsorship. 12
  14. Code of conduct 12
  16. Principle. 14
  17. Philosophy. 14
  18. Interpretation. 15
  19. Selection. 15

4.1      Player Eligibility. 15

4.2      Player Selection Criteria. 15

4.3      Player Selection Procedure. 16

  1. Player removal from Selected Side/Team.. 16
  2. Notification. 17
  3. Selection Committees. 17
  4. Appeal Procedure. 18
  7. APPENDIX A1- Protocol For Association Bowling Events. 19
  8. APPENDIX A.2- Pennants Side Managers Guidelines. 20

24           APPENDIX A3 – CODE OF CONDUCT FORM... 21






1          Annual Subscriptions

From the 2016 season, every affiliated club must pay to the association an annual fixed affiliation fee.

Such fee enables all clubs to be part of Zone 16 and to compete in Association competitions. Such affiliation fee shall commence from July 2016 with CPI increases each year.

The annual fees shall be due on the first day of July each year and must be paid to the association within thirty (30) days. Such payment shall make the club financial until the 30th July the following year.

1.1       Affiliated Clubs

Albion Park, Bellambi, Berkeley, Bomaderry, Collies/Orb, Corrimal, Dapto Citizens,  Fairy Meadow, Figgy Bowlo, Gerringong, Jamberoo, Kembla Heights, Kiama, Oak Flats, Scarborough/Wombarra, Shoalhaven Heads, Thirroul, Towradgi Park, Warilla, Windang, Wiseman’s Park/Wollongong City, Woonona.

2          Officers and their duties


2.1       Public Officer (required by legislation)

(a)        The public officer is the official point of contact for the association and is one of the authorized signatories.

(b)        The public officer shall be appointed by the executive committee, and when a vacancy occurs, the vacancy must be filled and the Dept of Fair Trading notified within 28 days.*Note-This must be done by the new public officer on the approved form - A9.

(c)        The public officer is responsible for the collection and custody of all association official documents.

**Note-for a full list of legal duties, see “Public Officer” NSW Fair Trading – July 2013


2.2       The President/Chairperson.


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association. They shall submit a report of all activities since the last management meeting. In his absence, one of the Vice Presidents shall preside.  If none of the Vice Presidents are available, the meeting may elect any member to be chairperson.  The President MAY accompany the zone 16 councilor to all state council meetings. IF INVITED BY THE BOARD OF BOWLS NSW. Zone state councilor to present a written report to executive meeting on state council meetings.

The president will ensure that a zone executive official attends all events that have been requested on the official “Application for official representation form.” The President of Zone 16 will ensure that a representative of Zone 16 attend both InterZone events (senior and open) and State Pennant play-off games (Grade 1 only) and also the Junior 7 a side state event. IF A STATE EVENT IS HELD IN ZONE 16 THE PRESIDENT SHALL ATTEND OPENING AND CLOSING CEREMONIES.

**Note – if a State meeting is planned at any other event, then a zone representative may be sent, with permission of executive committee.


2.3       Vice Presidents


(a)           The Vice-Presidents will assist the President at all functions, events etc. that occur during the bowls season.


This will include attendance at:-

  • Unfurling of Pennant flags
  • Annual General meetings
  • Presentation nights
  • Bowls events – Zone and others
  • State Pennant – play-offs
  • And other events that may eventuate during the year such as the South Pacific Carnival and Inter-Zone Championships.
  • They shall submit a report of all activities at each management meeting.


2.4       The Treasurer


The Treasurer shall receive and pay all monies on account of the association.  They will keep a current account to be styled the Illawarra Zone 16 Bowls Association Inc at such financial institution as the management committee shall direct and shall furnish a statement of receipts and disbursements as required to each executive and management meeting and also a properly audited statement to accompany the annual report.


2.5       The Secretary


The Secretary shall keep a faithful record of the business transacted at all meetings.  They shall keep a record of all officers, life members with their addresses.  They shall call all meetings in accordance with these rules, attend all meetings of the association and see that the minutes of all proceedings are properly entered in the books.  They shall be responsible for all correspondence, both in and out.  They shall keep a record of all real and personal property of the Association.  They shall carry out duties as set by the executive and management committees from time to time.

They shall be responsible for the Zone 16 web site.


2.6       The Registrar/ Assistant Secretary


The Registrar/Assistant secretary shall assist the Secretary with his duties when required.  They shall keep a record of all affiliated players for Zone 16 and keep the pennant grading records.  They shall check all pennant results for infringements and report any infringement of conditions governing eligibility of players to the Match Committee for any necessary action to be taken.  They shall keep the zone result records including ensuring results are on the zone website. They shall be responsible for the Zone Clothing and buying of Trophies, Pennant Badges and Pennant Flags.

**Should the Treasurer, Secretary or Registrar Assistant Secretary be absent or ill or should they neglect, or refuse to do anything required by these rules, the management committee shall have power to appoint another to act in their place.


2.7       The Zone Councilor


The Zone 16 State Councilor shall attend and represent Illawarra Zone 16 Inc at all meetings of the Royal New South Wales Bowling Association Inc and at the meetings of the Zone 16 Association, They shall submit reports on his activities.  They shall attend State Interzone games if a councilors meeting is being held.


2.8       The Publicity Officer


(a)           Will ensure that Zone 16 Bowling results are communicated to the media and ensure they are added to the zone web site.


(b)          Such results of games played Pennants, Zone Games, Championships etc, etc will be obtained from the chairperson of the Match Committee.


(c)           Endeavor to ensure adequate coverage of Zone 16 events is sent to Bowls NSW.


3.         Chairpersons of the following Sub Committees


  1. Greens
  2. Match
  3. Selection
  4. Umpires
  5. Junior
  6. Coaching

The chairperson will preside at all meetings of the respective committee and ensure that minutes are taken of all items discussed at such meeting

A written report will be prepared and presented to the Management Committee meeting of the above meetings. (All chairpersons are expected to attend)

The chairperson will ensure all appropriate information to be included on the Zone 16 web site, is passed on to the Zone Secretary.


4.         Duties & Responsibilities of Permanent Sub-Committees


(a)        Executive Committee


(i)                 To advise on various matters relating to the control and management of Bowling Clubs with in Zone 16

(ii)               To arrange for such course of instructions as may be required.

(iii)             Generally to deal with such matters as may be referred to it by the Management Committee.

(iv)             To initiate and direct such forms of activity as may come within the scope of this Committee.

(v)               To prepare such material as may be considered necessary to assist in the management of Clubs within Zone 16.

(vi)             To carry out such other similar functions as the Management Committee may from time to time decide.

(vii)           Prepare a draft report on the Committee’s activities for publication in the Annual Report.

(viii)         Monetary assistance will be given to zone 16 sides participating in the RNSWBA pennant playoffs. The zone executive will decide the amount to be given each year. Money from the affiliation fees will be used.

(ix)             Appoint a junior co-coordinator each year


(b)       Greens


(i)         To inspect and trial the greens of all affiliated clubs, if possible at regular intervals and to report to the Management Committee through the Executive Committee upon their fitness for use in connection with pennant and other Association fixtures, including compliance with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls on the condition of the playing area, banks, ditches, equipment, etc.


To submit a report to the Zone 16 Secretary on the condition of the greens inspected for presentation to the Match Committee.  If requested a copy of this report to be forwarded to clubs on the condition of their greens


(ii)               Determine in consultation with the Committee Members the duties to be carried out including a list of greens to be inspected by each Committee Member


(iii)             Generally, to deal with and report upon matters relevant to such duties that may be referred to it by the Executive or Management Committee


(iv)             Prepare a draft report on the Committee’s activities for publication in the Annual Report.


(c)        Match


(i)                 To arrange all necessary details for, including allocation of venues including trial games, and to be responsible for the conducting of Pennant and Association Competition and Matches


(ii)               To draw up both Rules and Regulations and a proposed program for the ensuing season and to present them not later than the October meeting of the Management Committee.  A copy of the Rules and Regulations and proposed programme will be forwarded to all Clubs prior to such meeting


(iii)             To settle all disputes in connection with Pennant and other Association Fixtures subject to appeal to the Executive Committee. 

**Note that disciplinary matters are dealt with under the constitution by the Executive Disciplinary Committee


(iv)             Generally, to deal with and report upon matters relevant to such duties that may be referred to it by the Executive or Management Committee


(v)               To decline or accept entries for Association Events or Pennants


(vi)             Determine in consultation with Committee Members the duties to be carried out including official representation at Association Events


(vii)           Approve, produce and distribute forms, letters and similar documents for the conduct of Association Events.  This includes entry sheets and result sheets.


(viii)         The Chairperson of the Match Committee will collate and distribute all Pennant and Association event results, including the pennant point score.  They will ensure all results are passed on to the Publicity Officer and the Registrar and maintain the zone website with all information and results pertaining to zone, pennants and association events.


(ix)             Prepare a draft report on the Committee’s activities for publication in the Annual Report.


(d1)     Selection


(i)                 To select sides to play in all Association and Representative matches (including one reserve) A MAXIMUM OF (3) non playing selectors (including manager) to attend games outside zone 16 (*Note-the selection committee can asked the executive committee for extra selectors prior to finalization of accommodation arrangements in special circumstances)


(ii)               The chairperson to pass a list of the selected sides on to the Secretary (full names) who will notify all zone clubs and also put teams and all relevant information about the matches, on the zone website.


(iii)             The Chairperson in conjunction with the Zone 16 Secretary, organize Accommodation, Meals and Travel requirements. (Skips to arrange for their team.) This includes names of drivers and players travelling in each car. (A minimum of 2) Also organize room allocations on a shared basis.


(iv)             Prepare a draft report on the Representative games for publication in the Annual Report


(v)               Ensure all results for representative games are passed onto the Publicity Officer.


(d2)     Selection (Team Manager)

(i)                 The Chairperson of the Selection Committee will assume the role of Team Manager) Note: the juniors are covered by the Junior Committee.

(ii)               For away events, in conjunction with the Zone Representative, the Team Manager will organize Motel room allocations, ensure all rooms are left in a tidy condition before leaving and ensure that all accounts are settled before leaving.

(iii)             At the host club the Team Manager will:-

v  Arrange practice times if applicable

v  Attend side managers briefing or meeting

v  Organize meal arrangements and liaise with Zone 16 Executive Official for payment of same.

v  Prepare and distribute score cards prior to each game.

v  Prepare result sheets and advise Chairperson of Zone 16 Match Committee overall result of each game.

v  Ensure that Zone 16 name is attached to each rink scoreboard as well as larger one place on master scoreboard.

v  Ensure that master scoreboard is manned by a Zone 16 Officer/Player/Reserve.

(iv)             The Team Manager will ensure that all selected Zone 16 bowlers, including the reserve, read and fully understand their individual and team roles and responsibilities relating to the Zone 16 “Code of Conduct”.  Each selected bowler will then be required to acknowledge such by signing the Code of Conduct Form ANNUALLY This form to be retained by the Team Manager.

(v)               Prior to the commencement of the game the Team Manager and Selector/s in conjunction with the Zone 16 official in attendance will ensure to the best of their ability that each bowler is “fit to play”.  Should a bowler, in the opinion of these Officers not be “fit” then he will immediately be replaced by the “reserve” who has accompanied the team.  The reserve may assist the Team Manager by assisting the Master Score Board, or other duties that could assist the Team Manager during the event.

(vi)             At the completion of the event the Team Manager in liaison with the Selector/s will be required to prepare a written report to cover the event.  This report should be in the hands of the Zone 16 Secretary prior to the next Executive meeting for discussion so any disciplinary action required may be taken.

(vii)           The side manager shall approach the controlling body re conceding matches.


(e)        Umpires


(1)               To maintain a register of holders of national umpires certificates


(2)               To promote and encourage as far as practicable, classes for aspiring national umpires


(3)               To arrange examinations and re-examinations and to carry out such functions as the management committee may decide


(4)               Umpires committee chairperson to liaise with zone match committee chairperson in respect to the appointment and number of national umpires for all semi finals and finals of association and zone 16 events. Appointed umpires to be advised to zone 16 treasurer no later than (1) week prior to the event. All allowances to be paid by zone official in charge of the event on the day.


(5)               To conduct classes and to arrange examination on the Laws of the Game


(6)               To carry out such other similar functions as the Management Committee may from time to time decide


(7)        Prepare a draft report on the Committee’s activities for publication in the Annual Report


(f)        Junior


a)      To promote and advance, in accordance with the policy of the Executive Committee, the development of Junior Bowls within the Association’s area


b)      To liaise with the Match Committee for the purpose of a program for the ensuing season


c)      To run all Zone 16 junior bowls competitions as required (Zone Match Committee to help if required)a working with children check is a prerequisite for  all personnel involved in child related activities.


d)     To liaise with representatives of the Education Department, District Schools and other bodies for the purpose of promoting junior bowls within the Association’s area


                                                              i.          To ensure all members, co-opted workers and coaching staff abide by Zone 16’s official “drug free” policy when being involved, in any capacity, with juniors


                                                            ii.          Prepare a draft report on the Committee’s activities for publication in the Annual Report


                                                          iii.          The role of Chairperson will be titled “Junior Co-ordinator “and be appointed by the Executive Committee, to be ratified by the management committee.  The Junior Bowls Coordinator will also act as Chairperson of the Junior Committee.


(g)        Coaching


(i)                 Establish and maintain records regarding Accreditation and Re-Accreditation.


(ii)               Liaise directly with the Executive Committee in respect to Coaching matters


(iii)             Develop Coaching Programs for all levels??


(iv)             In association with Bowls NSW, be responsible for the promotion and maintenance of all matters connected with coaching within Zone 16


(v)               Prepare a draft report on the Committee’s activities for Management Meeting and the Annual Report.


5.         Drugs in sport


(a)           The Association shall comply with the Drugs in Sport Policy as promulgated by the NSW Department of Sport and Recreation


(b)           The Association shall comply with policies relating to Drugs in Sport as promulgated by Bowls Australia


(c)           The Association shall require competitors to comply with the requirements of Bowls Australia and or NSWDSR drugs in sport policy.


6.         Child Protection


The Zone 16 supports and encourages the principles of child protection and recognizes that protection of children from abuse and neglect is a moral and ethical imperative.  The Zone 16 shall at all times comply with and encourage affiliated Clubs, to comply with the child protection (working with children) Act 2012 and the Child Protection (Prohibited Employment) Act 1998

(See Bowls NSW list of positions required to have the working with children check)

7.         Transfer Procedure from Club to Club.

A player who is a registered member of a Club affiliated with the RNSWBA and who changes Clubs or wishes to change his declared Club during the Season, may NOT participate in Association Events at his new Club (or declared Club) until that Club and the RNSWBA have received a signed NSW Club Player Clearance Application Form (together with applicable fee from the club he is transferring to).   He may not participate in Association events at his new club without the approval of the Association.

This is covered by the RNSWBA rules.


***Zone to be Given a Copy of Transfer Form also

8.         Subsidies


v  Pennant Assistance Scheme

Assistance will be given to Zone Pennant winners to compete in State Pennant playoffs.

(Item 36 in constitution)

A minimum of $ 4 per member from affiliation fees, is to used

The executive committee to set the amounts for each grade, every year.


v  $150 per player will be paid for Zone Champions at State playoffs


v Zone umpires to receive $30 per half day when umpiring zone events ratified by the executive.

For the South Pacific Carnival host club umpires, the Zone may pay $20 per day.


v Zone to pay petrol money for Zone Representative Games when playing out of Zone 16.  Must be more than one player per car – executive to decide amount to be paid.


v Zone to pay accommodation, breakfast and lunch for representative teams when playing out of zone.  Clubs to be invoiced $100 per player when accommodation has to be provided.  Lunch to be provided when playing in Zone 16.  The above to apply from the start of the 2012/2013 season.


v If players wish to take partners, they are responsible for the arrangement of the accommodation and costs and the partners pay for their own meals.

v Zone representative players will be able to purchase Zone uniforms at a subsidized rate of $80 for a playing shirt-traveling shirt, jacket and headwear.


Additional clothing as follows – Shirt = $20 – Jacket = $50 – Headwear = $15.

NOTE*** Juniors to be given uniforms free of charge.

Zone to supply a travelling shirt to Open team and Senior team – Players or clubs to pay for blue trousers or shorts.


9.         Entry fees


$15 per person entry fee to enter Zone Championships

$100 per Side to enter Zone pennant competition

$15 per person per event to enter South Pacific tournament

**Entry fees.  Clubs will be invoiced for entry fees from 2014.


10.       Zone Officials Expenses


Only Zone Officials of Zone 16 as detailed in the By-Laws are entitled to claim expenses incurred while carrying out their respective duties required by their portfolios. All expenses including, accommodation, travel and general expenses are claimable. (Zone Officials who receive monthly out of pocket expenses as set out in the constitution, can only claim for extraordinary expenses or expenses incurred outside of the zone.) All such claims must be made using the appropriate forms with receipts attached. A maximum of $60 per day is allowed for meals. All expenses will be shown on the treasurer’s monthly expenditure report and must be approved by the executive committee.

Zone 16 selectors and officals travelling to events and business sessions to submit expenses for ALL MEALS NOT PREARRANGED and any other expense incurred (excluding refreshments).


11.       Gambling on Lawn Bowls


A competitor or team in a particular game, match or series is not permitted to be or have any interest in a bet on an opponent in that game, match or series.

12.       Sport Rage


Zone 16 supports the initiatives and policies of the NSW Department of Tourism Sport & Recreation to manage and deal with sport rage.


Sport rage is violence, bad language, abuse and general bad behavior by players, coaches, officials and spectators.  While friendly rivalry on the field is a healthy part of sport, when the line between competition and aggression is crossed, there are no winners.


13.       Extra Zone Events


Besides the state events, the Zone will run a Champion of Club Champion Fours event. Also the Reg Evans Memorial Shield in conjunction with Fairy Meadow Kerry Neave night fours competition and the Phil Bushby shield game will be played annually. Format as decided by management committee


14.       Tournaments


The Zone will run a Senior and Junior South Pacific Carnival.  Sponsorship of $3,500 to $4000 minimum is required from the host club to run the senior event.  Nominations to be called for each year and be voted on by the management committee at the April meeting

Warilla Bowling Club has 1st option on running the Junior South Pacific Carnival.


15.       Pennants


The Zone to supply pennant flags for the 7 winning clubs.  Winners and r/up caps for players will also be given.


16.       Pennant By-Laws


  1. The start time for all Zone 16 Pennant games is 1:00pm (including rescheduled games)
  2. All unfinished games and games not started will be rescheduled for play at a later date and every attempt will be made to play those games.  Extra dates to be included in the Zone Program for those catch up games.
  3. The No1 Pennant Grade is run by the State Match Committee .The Zone Match Committee to arrange lower grades as evenly as possible. Home and Away also where Possible.
    NOTE** A four team playoff system will be used in all grades as much as possible.
  4. The Match Committee has the discretion to find alternate greens for called off games (in exceptional circumstances).This is separate from banned players which is covered by C.O.P.
  5. Clubs are asked to send a list of unwelcome or suspended players to Match Committee prior to pennants each year.
  6. Pennant side manager’s guidelines-refer to appendix A.1.
  7. pennant semi finals to be played at nuetral clubs (if sponsorship is not involved)

17.       Sponsorship


Sponsorship is to be sought for all Zone events.

Suggested amount is a minimum of $500 per Major event.


18.       Code of conduct


To apply to all players and officials when representing Zone 16 in bowling events.




  1. To state plainly the way in which all players who represent Zone 16 in bowls events are expected to conduct themselves, and the consequences of any Breach of the expected Standards of behavior.
  2. To ensure that all players are fully aware of the Standards expected and the consequences of breaching those Standards.



This Code of conduct is be followed on all occasions and in all places where the player can be seen to be a member of clubs under the jurisdiction of the Illawarra Zone 16 Bowls Association Inc and includes the venue of play which means the green, surrounds and clubhouse of the place where the player is about to, or is competing, or has competed.






To maintain at all times a high standard of sportsmanship and fair play.  This will of necessity include:


(a)           Always playing to the best of their ability and where appropriate to perform as part of a team

(b)     Abiding by the Laws of the Game, its Regulations and Conditions of Play as specified by the Controlling Body

(c)           Respecting and accepting without question any ruling given by the Umpire (Subject to the right of appeal given by the Laws)

(d)          Not to take any general illicit substances and in particular to comply with any Regulations adapted by Illawarra Zone 16 Bowls Association Inc in regard there to

(e)           Present themselves for competition in an acceptable physical and mental condition and standard of appearance

(f)           Maintain towards opponents an attitude of respect and politeness

(g)          Not to consume alcohol or food on the greens during play

          Understand the consumption of alcohol is a matter of personnel choice, but ensure that such does not adversely affect team performance

(h)          Abiding by the dress Codes as in conditions of Play

(i)            Be aware of the itinerary, the event and arrive on time for all games, practice session and other commitments

(j)            Be responsible for all expenses other than those covered by Zone 16.

  1. TRAVEL:

Comply with travel arrangements made any request for variation requires Zone 16 approval from Chairperson of Selectors who will advise Zone 16 Secretary accordingly.


    • Comply with the accommodation AND TRAVEL arrangements made*
    • Request for variation require Zone 16 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE APPROVAL.
    • Accommodation in addition to offical requirements including all costs is the responsibilty of the requesting party to arrange.



As per (1.e) of this Code

  • The RNSWBA Dress Regulations apply
  • Zone Representative Bowlers will wear the approved Zone 16 Uniform
  • To be strictly enforced by Zone 16 Officials


NB:  Only Zone 16 headwear is to be worn during play.


This Code of conduct has been adopted by Illawarra Zone 16 Bowls Association Inc which requires every Zone 16 selected player who wishes to play in any bowls event to accept these conditions as a means of entry to that event.

  1. Any Breach of this Code of Conduct may result in Disciplinary Action and could result in the offending player being withdrawn from the event and if deemed necessary may result in further Action taken by the Controlling Body.
  2. For Code of Conduct Form go to Appendix A2



1.      Principle

The objective of this Representative Selection Policy is to ensure the best possible sides, teams and players are selected to achieve maximum success when representing Zone 16 Bowling Association.

2.      Philosophy

  • The objective of the Zone 16 Representative Selection Policy is to ensure the best possible squads, sides, teams and/or individuals are selected to represent Zone 16.
  • The Policy applies to all Bowling Members (inclusive of juniors and seniors), selectors (including junior selectors), coaches, team managers and other Zone 16 officials.
  • All Bowling Members registered with Zone 16 with strong claims for selection will be considered by the Zone 16 Selection Committee for selection in accordance with this policy.
  • Upon selection to a squad, side or team in order to be eligible for competition all participants must sign the Zone 16 Players Code of Conduct.
  • This Policy remains in force until any alterations are approved by the Zone 16 Executive and Management Committee.
  • Unless the context otherwise requires, the terms used in this Policy shall have the same meaning as in the Zone 16 Constitution and/or Regulations/By-Laws.
  • No particular selection criteria shall be weighted more or less significantly by reason only of the order in which that criterion appears in this Policy.
  • Unless otherwise stated, this Policy shall apply equally to all Zone 16 Sides/Teams selected by both the Junior Selection Committee as well as the open Zone Selections Committee.  Both Committees together shall be referred to as ‘Zone 16 Selection Committees’ or the ‘Zone 16 Selectors’.
  • In order to be eligible for selection in any Zone 16 side/team which is selected by the Zone 16 Selection Committee, a player must:

3.      Interpretation

4.      Selection

4.1         Player Eligibility

o   Be a registered Bowling Member of Club affiliated with Zone 16.

o   Be a registered Bowling Member of Bowls NSW (or the Women’s Bowls NSW.  In the case of selecting Under 18 and Under 25 representative sides/teams):

o   Player and their respective club shall have no outstanding financial liabilities with Zone 16.

o   Participate in their respective club’s championships

o   Play (or have played) in the Zone 16 Pennant competition during the current season.

o   Play (or have played) in the Zone 16 Championship events during the current season.

o   Be available to attend all Zone 16 selection trials and fixtures as scheduled, unless a leave of absence is granted by the Zone 16 Selection Committee upon application.

o   At all times comply with the Zone 16 Players Code of Conduct.

o   Comply with any eligibility criteria requirements of the event to be played (ie. Age – Under 18, Under 25 or Over 60’s).

4.2         Player Selection Criteria

  • Selections made by the Zone 16 Selection Committees may be based on the following:

o   Performance in relevant Zone events;

o   Performance in relevant Zone Representative Fixtures;

o      Demonstrated and/or potential ability and attitude to work with Zone 16 Selectors, team officials and other competitors;

o      Current and previous state, national and international performances in events and over such periods as determined by the Selectors;

o      Demonstrated positive attitude and commitment to Zone 16 and, in particular but not only, regarding Zone representation;

o      Demonstrated and/or potential ability to adapt to the format of play and environmental conditions for selected event;

o   The player’s current level of skill and physical fitness;

o   Any current or potential injury or condition which will impairs, inhibit or prevent the potential of the player to successfully achieve or further the objectives of this Policy and of Zone 16 under its Constitution;

o   Behavior standards on and off the bowling green and a total commitment to maintain expected standards whilst representing Zone 16;

o   Eligibility to represent the Zone in fixtures played under the Bowls NSW Conditions of Play.

o   Availability and commitment to participate in Zone Representative fixtures or other events such as trials or camps.

o   Commitment to any Zone training requirements (drills, monthly report etc.) and agreed values which may be adopted from time to time.

  • The following may also be taken into account by the Selection Committee;

o   In considering the Criteria under this Policy, the Zone 16 Selections Committee may in its discretion give weight to extenuating factors which may arise.

o   The competitive ability of players will be of importance for selections.  Any player who fails consistently to perform in major competitions at a level appropriate to their ability may at the discretion of the Zone 16 Selection Committee, not be selected, even if they have complied with all other criteria.

4.3         Player Selection Procedure

  • The Zone 16 Selection Committee shall be total discretion in selecting and may have regard to any one or more of the Selection Criteria in any selection process.
  • If consensus cannot be reached during the selection process, a simple majority vote of all Selection Committee Members present a minimum of three committee members is required to resolve a decision.
  • The decision of Zone 16 Selection Committee on any side/team selection shall be final at the conclusion of the Committee Meeting.
  • No reason need be given for any selection or other decision of the Zone 16 Selection Committee.  This shall not prevent, limit or restrict the Zone 16 Selection Committee from changing the selection of any squad, side, team, individual or official at any time in their sole discretion, having regard to all the circumstances.
  • Any Player who;

5.      Player removal from Selected Side/Team

o   Breaches or fails to observe this Policy, the Zone 16 Constitution or Regulations;

o   By means of illness or injury in unable to perform to the required standard in the opinion of the Selectors (after having received advice from a medical practitioner);

o   Brings Zone 16, a Zone 16 Side/Team or the sport of bowls into disrepute or acts in a manner unbecoming of a Member or prejudicial to the interest of Zone 16 and the sport of bowls.

o   Breaches or fails to fulfill a requirement of ASADA or the Bowls Australia Anti-Doping Policy;

o   Breaches or fails to comply, fulfill and observe the requirements of the Zone 16 Players Code of Conduct;

Shall be deemed ineligible for selection to, or continued inclusion in any Zone 16 side/team selected by the Zone 16 Selection Committee as the case may be.

  • Any selected player may be removed from a selected side/team by the Zone 16 Selection Committee in consultation with the Zone 16 Executive as the circumstances may require including where the participant has failed to sustain their performance and attitude to a satisfactory level, provided that the required performance levels had first been discussed with the participant and the participant has been given the opportunity to attain those performance levels.
  • A Zone 16 Selection Member or Team Manager may be removed from office by resolution of the Zone 16 Management Committee on the recommendation of the Executive Committee.

6.      Notification

6.1         Notification of this Policy

  • This Selection Policy shall be available to all Zone 16 Bowling Members and Clubs and available for download on the Zone 16 website.
  • Zone 16 shall have no general responsibility to give notice of this Policy to individual persons, other than in accordance with this Policy.

6.2  Notification of Player Selection

  • Any Sides/Teams selected by the Zone 16 Selection Committee shall be announced on the Zone 16 website immediately following ratification. Selectors shall provide given name, Surname, and Club.
  • Selected Representative Players shall be notified of their selection by email to their club by the Zone Secretary as soon as practicable after their individual selection or finalization of the relevant squad or team or individual or official position(s).
  • Incumbent Players who are not re-selected in a Zone 16 side or who have otherwise been removed from the previous side/team that represented Zone 16 shall be personally notified of this decision by the Zone 16 Chairperson of Selectors.

7.      Selection Committees

7.1  Election of Selection Committees

  • The Zone 16 Annual General Meeting shall elect annually, the Zone Selection Committee and a Junior Committee who shall elect the Junior Selection Committee.  The Selectors shall meet any requirements which may be set out in the By-Laws from time to time.
  • Where any of the Selectors becomes or is unable to meet their responsibilities under this Policy, the Zone 16 Management Committee will appoint a replacement Selector.
  • All persons wishing to be nominated for election to a Zone Selection Committee must:

o   Meet the eligibility criteria as may be prescribed from time to time by the Executive Committee and set out in this Policy or By-Laws.

o   Be willing to comply with Zone 16 policies and directives.

o   Submit a nomination form to the Zone 16 Secretary at the appropriate time.

  • If elected, the position is effective for one year or as otherwise determined by the Executive Committee.

7.2  Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible to nominate and be elected to the Zone 16 Junior Selection Committee, a candidate shall have a current Working with Children Check as determined by NSW legislation.
  • Preferred qualities and skills desirable for the position on the Zone 16 Selection Committees includes:

o   The ability to make impartial judgments.

o   Prior playing, coaching and/or selection experience at Zone, State or higher level.

o   Knowledge of the sport.

o   Communication skills

o   Leadership skills.

o   An open minded attitude.

o   Honesty and integrity.

o   Contemporary awareness of elite sport.

o   To be able to work as a team member.

7.3  Compliance

  • All Zone 16 Selectors must comply with the following:

o   Comply with all Zone 16 policies and directives of the Executive Committee.

o   Select sides/teams to represent Zone 16 at Inter-zone and other fixtures as required.

o   Attend and evaluate player performance at tournaments and events as specified by the Committee and retain records for future use.

o   Attend and evaluate player performance at Inter-zone Matches, Zone Championships, Pennant and other Zone Event Fixtures.

o   Set examples at all times on decorum, dress standards and shall wear attire as prescribed by Zone 16.

o   Represent Zone 16 in a professional manner at all times.

o   Be accountable to the Zone 16 Executive Committee through the Zone President.

o   Maintain the integrity of the Committee and respect confidentiality.

o   The Zone 16 Chairperson of Selectors shall be the spokesperson for the Committee.

8.      Appeal Procedure

7.2  Ground of Appeal

  • An aggrieved Member may appeal against a decision of the Zone 16 Selection Committee on the grounds that decision of Zone 16 Selection Committee was not made in accordance with this Policy.

8.2  Procedure for Appeals

  • Any appeal against a decision of a Zone Selection Committee must be made within five (5) working days of any notification set out in Clause 6.2.
  • The appeal must be lodged in writing with the Zone 16 Secretary setting out:

o   the decision of the Zone 16 Selection Committee in question;

o   the grounds on which the appeal is made, and

o   the reason or circumstances supporting the alleged ground of appeal.

  • Nothing in this Policy prevents the withdrawal of an appeal by the aggrieved at any time in writing.
  • On receipt of a written appeal in accordance with this Policy, the Zone 16 Secretary must forthwith forward the appeal documents to the Executive Committee, who shall establish a Selection Review Panel within five (5) working days, who shall organize a meeting with the player making the appeal (within 5 days) if the player is not satisfied with the result of the meeting with the executive, he can appeal to the Management Committee.  For State Events if the player is still not satisfied he can then appeal to the Bowls NSW.
  • Zone 16 selectors will select a development squad each  year.(December each year)
  • The Executive Committee will have control of the development squad in conjunction with the selectors. The executive must okay the squad as chosen, before it is released.
  • The squad will play one away game each year and other games as decided between selectors and executive committee.
    • The squad will consist of a maximum of 16 players and shall be selected from all zone bowlers regardless of age.*Note - Once a player has been selected for the zone open or senior side on 3 separate occasions, they no longer can be selected in the Development squad.



Any club requiring Zone officials to attend events or meetings at their club must use the official representation form which is available on the zone 16 website under the “Form” tab.

22.       APPENDIX A1- Protocol for Association Bowling Events

  1. Zone 16 Trials

Trials for selection in Zone 16 Teams conducted at club within our Zone

v  Such events will be controlled by a member of the Zone 16 Executive Committee.

v  This person will be responsible for the use of the microphone during proceedings for such events.

v  He will request the Host Club President or Representative of the Host Club to welcome all involved.

v  Should the Host Club have no one available to welcome all involved the Zone 16 Executive Committee Member will do so.

v  The microphone will then be handed to the Chairperson of Selectors or his Representative for this event who will call the cards and all other matters relating to the game.

v  At the end of the event the Executive Committee Member will request the Selector to advise the results of the games played.

v  The Zone 16 Executive Officer will then thank all involved and if Trophies are to be presented will do so.  e.g. Phil Bushby Shield.

  1. Championships

v  The Zone 16 Executive Committee Member will liaise with the Host Club President or Bowls Organiser and request that one or the other introduce the Zone 16 member to those present.

v  The Executive Committee Member will welcome all involved then hand the microphone to the Bowls Organiser who will call the cards and advise of all other matters relating to the game.

v  At the conclusion of the event the Bowls Organiser will advise the results and ask the Zone 16 Executive Member to present Trophies and Prize money.

v  The Zone 16 Executive Committee Member will thank all involved.

23.       APPENDIX A.2- Pennants Side Managers Guidelines


A side manager shall be a member (male or female) of the club they are representing & be responsible for the entering of the participating player’s names & registration numbers on the associated score cards and pennant result form.

Also responsible for the drawing of the cards, allocation of rinks (rink numbers provided by the home clubs controlling body), the toss for the mat and the completion of all information required on the pennant result form.

The side manager shall maintain the status of the master score board updating “shots for and ends” after each end is played until completion of the game

A pennant result form shall be completed for all scheduled games (including byes/forfeits) and replayed matches.

The side manager shall be the side’s representative in all matters concerning the playing of a match. A second person may be allowed to assist the side manager.

After a match has commenced the playing positions of players shall not be altered (after the first end has been completed) except in exceptional circumstances.


The side managers shall be at the venue club not less than forty (40) minutes before the starting time of the event.

The side managers shall advise the controlling body of the draw and allocation of rinks not less than Thirty (30) minutes before the staring time of the event.

Cards to be called at 12.30pm for the trial ends to commence no later than 20 minutes prior to the starting time of the event, also the Controlling Body and Umpire to be announced.

Players may practice up to thirty (30) minutes prior to the schedule start time of the match, providing that rink space is available and the controlling body approves.

Players may not practice on the rink on which they are drawn to play once the rink draw is made.

The second of each team shall be responsible for the score card; record on the score card, all shots scored for and against both teams as each end is completed; compare and agree the score card with that of the opposing second as each end is completed.

At the end of the game agree with the result & record on the score card the time that the game finished and then sign their own and the opposing seconds score cards.

On completion of the game the side manager to collect all score cards from the teams and, complete the pennant result form with the require details ensuring entries are correct. The pennant result form shall be forwarded to the Zone by the designated home side immediately after the completion of play.





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